Over the last year or so The Board has been extremely busy laying the foundations for the Stoa School. It’s has been, and continues to be, a challenging exercise but the below should give you an overview of our progress to date.

Current Strategy

For a number of reasons, it has become apparent the best way to reach our goal of opening an ABA school in Edinburgh is to begin with a Saturday school.

Stoa School plans to launch an ABA  Saturday School by April 2017. 

The Saturday School day will follow a structured timetable which will include individual and group based sessions.  Pupil to Staff ratio will be 1:1. Tutors will deliver programmes to develop functional language skills, as well as independent living skills and communication skills. These programmes will be designed jointly by the supervisor and the school’s ABA Consultant. The supervisor will assess progress in the individual programmes on a regular basis to inform future planning and delivery.

All staff will be fully trained in working with children on the autism spectrum who have complex needs. The school will provide individualised intervention strategies to address each child’s issues and maximise their learning potential. Stoa Saturday School will also address social needs and enable greater independence and integration into local communities. 

The initial pupils attending Stoa Saturday School will be children who have an Autism Spectrum diagnosis and moderate to severe learning disabilities/communication/ behavioural needs. These children will be at the level of needs where they are already attending a Special Needs School and have multi-agency involvement. 

Fundraising News 

Stoa Saturday School has received generous donations from a large number of individuals helping towards making the school a reality. Dave Clements’ amazing fundraising cycle has raised over £5,000 to date and The Board have applied to several grant awarding trusts.

Stoa Saturday school applications for funding are currently being considered by the Robertson Trust, Trefoil and the Russell Trust. With the help of newly appointed volunteer fundraisers, we hope to be able to report back on successful applications in the near future.

The Stoa School relies on your donations to provide support for children with autism and their families.

If you have any questions relating to school, or how to get involved, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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