Stoa Saturday School Admissions Policy

Places at Stoa Saturday School are advertised on the Facebook page and on the school website when they become available. At this point applications are invited from parents. Parents who wish to apply are sent a questionnaire which gives the trustees an indication of the level of needs of the pupil. Answers on the questionnaire are given a score which reflects the level of need of the pupil. Places will be allocated according to a combination of the highest scores and an analysis of whether Stoa Saturday School is able to meet the pupil’s needs.

In order to meet application criteria, pupils must have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and currently be attending a Special Needs school or be receiving fully supported Special Needs education at home. Stoa Saturday school accepts applications from pupils aged 9-15. Once enrolled, pupils may attend the Saturday School until the day of their 17th birthday.

Once the school has accepted an application, arrangements will be made for the consultant to assess the pupil in order to plan their individual programme. This assessment will take place at the pupil’s home.

All places at Stoa Saturday School are subsidised through charitable donations and fundraising, however in order for the service to be sustainable, there remains a fee-paying element, which is as follows:

Standard fees- £60 per day

Income Support Reduction – £30 per day (proof of Income Support will be required)

The offer of a place is subject to:

-A place being available

-Assessment of whether Stoa Saturday School is able to meet the pupil’s needs

-Funding being secured

Once offer of a place is made, it is valid for 6 weeks, after this time a place may be offered to another student.