Mary’s Story

I have a son, Alex, aged 19 years who followed an ABA programme which started just before he was 3 years old, and ran for 16 years. Alex has autism and severe learning disability, and whilst this diagnosis has not changed, ABA has been a life-saver for him and our family. As an infant, he was regressing rapidly, rather than making progress , and he had very severe behaviour problems, no language or language comprehension at all, and no other means of communication. It seemed that all the professionals we came across in…Read more

Lily’s Story

Lily has a diagnosis of autism, hyper activity disorder and learning disabilities. She is a fun, happy, inquisitive, and affectionate individual who has just started an additional needs high school. She speaks (reluctantly) in short bursts, favoured phrases or single words and can read some words, but is still unable to write her name independently or understand counting in any meaningful way. She can swim and ride a bike, she loves her dance class and cooking. She loves wrestling with her brother and adores her big sister, her pets and watching You Tube clips on her IPad. She still needs some…Read more

Jacob’s Story

My son Jacob was born three years after my daughter. There was nothing unusual about his birth and we left hospital a couple of days later to settle down to life as a little family. Jacob was a very easy baby. He settled into a good routine fairly quickly, didn’t cry a lot and his sister adored him. As the months passed we noticed little things about him that were a bit ‘odd’, like the way that he liked to line up all his toys and would then lie down spinning their wheel…Read more